My First Wedding Cake

Hello all! It’s been a very busy (and nerve wracking!) week for me..because I made a wedding cake! Now I’d had absolutely no experience in that department before and to say I was slightly bricking it would be an understatement!! My mum’s friend and work colleague had seen my Facebook page and wondered if I’d be up for the challenge of making her wedding cake. I was really flattered she even asked me and I jumped at the chance. She didn’t want anything too fancy, just something simple and elegant..which I was quite relieved about being my first try!

The bottom tier is chocolate fruit cake, one of my favourite recipes from Nigella Lawson. The second tier is chocolate mud cake. I found this recipe at Jo’s Blue Aga the winner of The Great British Bake Off. I’m so happy Jo won the bake off! She really deserved it. I was addicted to the programme, Tuesday nights will not be the same now it’s over! Anyway, this chocolate cake is a great recipe. It’s really moist and had a lovely flavour. Plus it stood up well to my heavy handedness! I’m sure I’ll make it often.

When it came to the decorating I was so nervous! It was a very simple design, but that’s when any mistakes in your icing can show because you can’t hide them as easily! So I took my time and I got there. I love the diamante banding and little hearts, they are so glam! There were edible diamonds on the cake but unfortunately by the time these photos were taken, they had lost their sparkle. Apparently they only sparkle for a couple of hours after placing on a cake but they were a very pretty addition.

The bride was really happy with it which of course made me really happy too.
Now I think if I’m ever asked to make another wedding cake I won’t be quite as nervous!


10 thoughts on “My First Wedding Cake

  1. So pretty and elegant. I would like a wedding cake like this, not that I plan on getting married again!!!! I love the sound of Jo's choc mud cake, must get round to making it 🙂


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