Baking Dorie’s Devil’s Food White-out Cake!

Well hello there! Long time no’s been 17 days since I’ve updated my blog and let me tell you I’ve missed you all big time! But I’m back…with chocolate cake. Not just any old chocolate cake though. This is a devil’s food fudgy chocolate cake with sweet, billowy marshmallow frosting. You see, this cake has been on my “must bake” list for about three years now..but until now I have never got around to making it. This cake adorns the cover of my most favourite and treasured baking book in the world. The book is called Baking from my home to yours by the baking genius that is Dorie Greenspan. I’ve made around 85 recipes from this book so far, it really is my baking bible (along with Nigella’s “How to be a domestic goddess” – my other bible!)

My fellow blogger and foodie friend Jo, who loves Dorie just as much as I do, asked me if I was up for making the cover cake and blogging it along with her. I of course was very happy to do so, all in the name of research of course!! 🙂 You can find Jo’s amazing looking cake here.

This cake is a rich and moist chocolate cake, filled with a marshmallow cream frosting. It is so so good. When my son came home from school and saw it sitting on the kitchen counter he let out a gasp and then a wow! I think that speaks volumes! I just wished it was someone’s birthday so I could stick candles on it! My cake isn’t as pretty or neat as Dorie’s, but it definitely made up for it in taste. You can find the recipe here.

This is a perfect cake for a special occasion…or if it’s a Tuesday and you’re in desperate need of cake. It does take a little time and effort to make the icing. You have to make a sugar syrup, then you whip up egg whites until soft peaks form. Then you slowly add the very hot sugar syrup..keep whisking until the frosting cools down to room temperature and you have a gorgeous shiny thick marshmallowy icing. It took a good 10 minutes in my trusty Kitchenaid but the result was really worth it. So the verdict? Son number one really loved the fudgy chocolate cake. Son number two adored the marshmallow icing, but I know he would since he would happily eat marshmallows for breakfast, lunch and Dinner. All in all this cake was a winner. My eldest son declared it as “awesome” and he’s not usually a big cake person. I’m just sorry it took me so long to make it!

A big thank you to my baking buddy Jo for coming up with the idea of making this fab cake! And please take the time to visit her blog, she really is a very talented baker and I love the way she writes!


9 thoughts on “Baking Dorie’s Devil’s Food White-out Cake!

  1. Ooo Nic! What a post – really hunny, the best one yet! I lurve how your cake looked and I have no clue why you think it wasn't neat – it's stunning! And your writing is fabulous describing the cake, ow it is made and your boys reactions to it. So touching and lovely – bravo! I'm so happy we did this, we must blog again soon. In fact I think we both did so well we should immediately get onto FaceBook and tell Dorie all about our adventure 😉 XXX


  2. Thank you Maria, it really is gorgeous! xAww thank you Jo, I really enjoyed co-blogging with you! I'm definitely up for it again – I think it's a great idea! We really should show our cakes to Dorie 😉


  3. Sometimes we need encouragement or just a good excuse to make something that has been on the "to make" list for far too long. This looks like a really decadent cake and I've no doubt that it was delicious! I would love to try the marshmallow frosting!


  4. Wow! outrageous cake…you've come back with a bang! and you cannot go wrong with Dorie can you? Didn't quite hook up that you were the blogger here…will keep in touch 😉


  5. Anna you would be more than welcome, that would be brilliant! 🙂 xThis cake was on my to do list for far too long, I have a feeling this cake will be made again very soon :-)Thanks for all of your comments everyone 🙂 xx


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