Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Two days until Christmas!! I so wish I was the organized, unflappable type but I’m so not. I still have presents to wrap, baking to do, a few last minute shopping etc etc..but I’ll get there. And even if I don’t, by the time I have a few amarettos on Christmas eve I won’t really care!

These cupcakes couldn’t really be any more Christmassy, even if they were wrapped in tinsel and drinking a snowball! They are adapted from Annie Rigg’s “Christmas Cupcakes” which is such a gorgeous book with all kinds of seasonal cupcakes.

I used my favourite vanilla cupcake recipe by Nigella Lawson and vanilla bean buttercream for the icing (in my house it’s all about the vanilla!) then I fitted my piping bag with a medium star nozzle and piped, piped, piped little branches. All you have to do then is decorate them any way you see fit! I couldn’t resist these cute little colored baubles and gingerbread men (I love these, so cute!) and of course not forgetting a liberal sprinkling of edible glitter.

These cupcakes are great fun to make and very messy to eat (not that my children minded!)


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