Christmas 2011 – A very sweet end to the year

Well that’s Christmas over for another year..I hope you all had a lovely time. We definitely did, spending time with family and the boys were over the moon with all their presents. I don’t want to say goodbye to the festive season just yet…I love Christmas and plan to make the most of what’s left of it. I’m working this afternoon, then I’m on holiday for a week..all I’m going to do is chill with my boys and watch all the dvds we got for Christmas and maybe go for a few walks and play Just Dance 3 on the least that’s some form of exercise! I’m sure I can’t be the only one feeling like an overstuffed turkey with all the rich food I’ve been eating! We can always eat healthier in January (or at least try to…)

Here’s some pictures of some baking I did over the festive season..

Star and holly leaf topped mince pies

Fudgy frosted brownies

Peanut of my staple Christmas gifts

Sticky toffee pudding

White chocolate, pecan & cranberry cookies

Cranberry,honey & hazelnut granola – This is from Nigella Christmas, although I change the recipe a little..instead of almonds I use hazelnuts and I also add a little coconut (just cos I love it!)

Sausage rolls from Delia can find the recipe here..although I cheated and used a block of puff pastry

Chocolate fruit cake..this is my yearly Christmas cake, I absolutely love it and so does anyone who ever tries a piece. It’s from Nigella Lawson’s Feast and Christmas books. I don’t usually ice this cake but this year I fancied a change..I had so many elaborate ideas this year but I left it too late so I just got out my star cutters, pressed them gently into the icing and filled them with little silver baubles.

Enjoy what’s left of the festive season…see you very soon! xxx


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