Cadbury creme egg cupcakes


Hello there! This is my first post on my newly updated blog..yay!  I’m so pleased I made the switch to WordPress. It still feels a little strange and I don’t entirely know what I’m doing yet but I’m sure I’ll get there with a little practise.

Do you ever look at food blogs and see something that makes you just want to drop everything you are doing, rush into the kitchen to make it right that very moment? I do all the time.  That’s why my bookmarks list is HUGE.  I hardly ever get around to making these “make me right now” recipes, but this week I found something I knew I just had to make for this Easter weekend.  I’ll admit, I do wish I could take credit for these, but I can’t.  One thing I cannot abide is not crediting a recipe or idea to it’s original source and I will never ever do that. So I will happily share with you the links to the fabulous blogs I found my inspiration from.

Cadbury’s creme eggs are probably one of my favourite sweeties ever.  They are definitely in my top five (wispa gold is currently my number one!) When I saw them in the form of cupcakes on one of my favourite blogs, I went a little weak at the knees.

What sold me on this recipe was the fact that these cupcakes have a hidden surprise in the centre – a whole mini Cadbury’s creme egg.  Yum! Jamie recommends using your favourite chocolate cupcake recipe. Now I have to admit here that I don’t have a favourite chocolate cupcake recipe! I’ve tried so many, but I haven’t found my “go to” recipe.  Maybe I’m too fussy – it’s strange considering I’m certainly not fussy at all when it comes to eating chocolate in bar form!  I love it all from the high end Green & black’s to the cheap choccy you find in a Feast bar! Anyway, I digress.  I turned to one of my food heroes Dorie Greenspan and made chocolate chocolate cupcakes. You will find the recipe here.  Now these cupcakes were very good, probably one of the nicest I’ve tried recently but I think I’m going to keep searching for my ultimate!

Make sure you pop your mini eggs in the freezer a few hours before you make these! It ensures that the eggs don’t melt in the heat of the oven.  After taking this picture I covered the eggs with an extra spoonful of batter. That way the surprise is well and truly hidden until you bite into the middle of the cake 🙂

When it came to the icing, I used my normal vanilla buttercream icing for the white part and this recipe from Sticky Pinny

The yellow “yolk” is a mixture of golden syrup, butter, vanila and icing sugar and as you can imagine, it is very very sweet! It’s actually quite similar in taste to the real stuff, but in a nicer way in my opinion!

When it came to decorating, all I did was grab a large piping bag and medium round nozzle, stuff one side of the bag with the white buttercream and the other side with the yellow “yolk” and pipe away.

All that’s left to do is top with a mini creme egg. And then apply to face!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday! See you very soon with a couple more Easter related treats 🙂


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