Chocolate Orange Cream Cheese Pound Cake…..and a Birthday cake


Hello readers! It’s been a busy week. I’ve been trying to find the time to post for days, but it’s just been mad with work, kids, etc etc!  I’ve  kind of been fighting the urge to bake on a daily basis. I’m trying to lose a few pounds and tone up so I’ve been combining healthy eating with going to the gym. I’ve even managed to go to a spinning class which I was quite proud of myself for doing!  But the way I see it is if I eat healthily most of the time and exercise, the little odd piece of cake won’t hurt, surely! Anyway, I think a life without treats would be a very boring life indeed 🙂

I came across this recipe via the lovely Joy the baker a while ago and I immediately wanted to make it. I printed off the recipe and forgot all about it until earlier this week, when I noticed there were some oranges in my fruit bowl that were getting a little past their best.

This cake is all kinds of delicious. So moist and full of flavor with the orange zest and dark chocolate chunks, it really hit the spot last night for me with a cup of tea. While watching Desperate Housewives. (I am devastated they have cancelled this show!)  You will find the recipe for this delicious pound cake right here on Joy’s beautiful site.

I had enough batter leftover for some baby pound cakes!

I also baked a Birthday cake for my beautiful sister over the weekend, like me she loves her chocolate so I couldn’t resist pulling out all the stops and making a chocolate overload cake.  It went down very well so that made me happy!


13 thoughts on “Chocolate Orange Cream Cheese Pound Cake…..and a Birthday cake

  1. Oh Nic I’m right there with you on the weight loss, spinning and still baking cake! And you really made me do a “spooky” face as not only are we in the same boat at the moment, your comment about cancelling your fave tv show is spookily close to the heart of the blog I just published! Love the look of both our cakes – the baby ones are soooo cute! 😀 x


    1. Really? That is spooky! You know I do think at times we have quite a lot in common! The weight loss is not going as well as I’d hoped – the thing is, it used to be so easy for me to drop a few pounds but it seems to me the older I get the harder it is! Going to read your new blog post now:-)


      1. Well we shall meet at the GFS very soon so here’s to having loads in common! It is harder as the years go by to lose those excess pounds, damned sands of time flow south for sure! And I meant to type I loved both YOUR cakes not OUR! Lol, sorry it was late 😉


      2. Absolutely! Booked my tickets today, woo hoo! Super excited about it 😀
        No worries Jo, I make more than my fair share of typos! x


  2. Yes, we all deserve a piece of cake now and then, especially after a sweaty 45 minutes of spinning. Dark chocolate and orange make such a deliciously gorgeous couple! (I’d be jealous of their kids.) 😛 This looks incredible! I love how you put that extra batter to work.

    That cake is completely over the top…It’s fabulous! :^D


  3. Ohhhh your sister must absolutely adore you! That cake is so super! I’m pretty sad about Depserate Housewives, too. Dang. Congratulations on the spin class – I am so with you! And I completely agree that a life without treats is not worth it. Bake on, girl!


  4. Thanks Heather, she was really pleased with it. Her face was a picture when she saw it! Yeah I love DH – watching it right now :0)
    Thank you – I’m actually starting to enjoy spinning which I didn’t think was possible! I felt I had to start exercising to counteract the effects of all the baking! Then I won’t feel so guilty about having a little treat or two :0)


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