Grasshopper Pie 

I am part of a wonderful little community on Facebook. Many are ex-members of the now defunct forum which I was a member of a few years ago.  So many of us got to know each other through the forum.  After the forum closed we all eventually found each other on FB. Together we share recipes, ask for advice, share food pictures, give each other support and so much more.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

Last week somebody mentioned Nigella Lawson’s grasshopper pie recipe and how yummy it was.  Myself and a fellow friend mentioned how we’d seen this recipe in “Kitchen” and how fab it looked but I’d had great difficulty locating one of the liqueurs in the recipe list which was Creme De Cacao Blanc.  Furthermore my hubby would have a heart attack if I spend £20 on liqueurs to make a pie, our budget just won’t stretch to that!  However my lovely foodie friend Jo of the brilliant Jo Blogs Jo Bakes said that since she had already purchased the required booze and she would probably never use it all up, would we like her to send us little bottles of the liqueurs! How sweet and lovely is that?

So Jo you asked for a picture of the finished pie.. here it is!


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try this recipe Jo, I will return the favour one day! I love our little foodie community 🙂

Speaking of which, in exactly 19 days from now I will be on my way to Manchester to stay with another lovely foodie friend (do check out her fantastic baking page Hevz’s tasty treats, she is a really talented cake maker and decorator) and many of us including Jo are all meeting up at The Good Food Show!! I can’t freaking wait!!! The show is actually on my Birthday so I think I was so meant to go 😉 I just know a good time will be had by all, judging by the pictures of the last food show! This is my first time going to such an event and I’m really looking forward to it.

So what did I think of the pie?……A-mazing! I just had a little slice after my lunch and I think it tastes even better than it did last night….the alcohol has mellowed and it tastes like not quite properly set mint ice cream.  It’s not as rich as I thought it might be, the texture is really light. Really, really delicious.  The only food with grasshopper in the title that I’d ever want to eat! I’ve also been told by a reliable source that this pie freezes very well too…good to know so I can stash some away for emergencies!

Here is the recipe if you’re tempted to try it! I couldn’t find the recipe on Nigella’s website, only on Food Network.  But if you are in Britain, Nigella suggests making this bourbon biscuits for the base which is what I used.


26 thoughts on “Grasshopper Pie 

  1. Oooo fantastic post, fabtastic pie and fantabulous foodie friends! What more could a girl ask for? ;). Can’t wait to finally meet you Nic, I’m sure we’ll get on like a house on fire x


  2. That looks amazing! It’s a pie which I would love to try but know that I could probably never make at home, seeing as though hubby has an aversion to anything with food colouring! And how sweet of Jodie to send you some liquer – these bottles can be hard to use up and it makes perfect sense to share 🙂


    1. Thank you Thanh 🙂 The pie just looks more photogenic with a little colouring added – I only needed to use a tiny knife streak of colouring to get that lovely green colour. But the colouring isn’t absolutely just makes it look prettier. Wasn’t it lovely of Jodie to do that? She’s a sweetie!


  3. Wow! Never thought soething with that name could be so tempting. It looks wonderful, the texture is perfect I would think. Great story and I so agree with ….. A lovely group of cooking buddies. 😀


  4. great post Nikki saving mine for when we have the village funday and all the family come,good to know it freezes well as it’s the day after the GFS so thats another thing i can tick off my list in advance! really looking forward to meeting you there


    1. Aww Hi Lorna thanks for the comment! 🙂 It’s really delicious, I’m sure you’ll love it. Yes it’s really handy to know it freezes, at least then you can make it in advance 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you either, not long to go now!


  5. I just felt a distinct shove on my back to go and make this PIE! Noted, heeded, will do as yours looks soooooo good! Lovely post BTW NickkiT!


  6. Grasshopper pie is my favorite way to make mint b& chocolate taste like summer instead of Christmas. Love it! And that is a really cool foodie friend you got there. Someone that donates liquor to a pie cause deserves a toast!


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