TWD – Baking With Julia – Blueberry Nectarine Pie

Here we are with my first Tuesdays With Dorie post! Well, my first post on this blog at least.  A couple of years ago I was a member of the original group where we baked recipes from Dorie Greenspan’s “Baking from my home to yours”. You’ll find all my old posts over on The Claytons Blog  under TWD (Please try not to laugh at my pictures too much – I’m by no means a great food photographer but I like to think I’ve improved a little since then!)

The group completed Baking from my home to yours last year and they are now working through “Baking with Julia” which was written by Dorie.  This week we baked blueberry nectarine pie, hosted by Hilary of Manchego’s Kitchen and Liz of That Skinny chick can bake.

Did anyone else think of Violet Beauregarde from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory while making the filling? Ompa-Ompa-Dompa-de-do 🙂 Yes,  there’s a lot of liquid there. I should have drained some off before I baked the pie. Schoolgirl error!

This was one delicious pie! I was a bit concerned about the pie crust recipe. There was a LOT of shortening in the recipe! I was tempted to make my usual go-to pie crust recipe in Dorie’s Baking from my home to yours, but I thought that would be breaking the rules so I went ahead and made Julia’s flaky pie crust dough.  The only thing I did differently was halve the amount of salt in the recipe. I also added 1/2 tbsp of sugar cos that’s how I roll 🙂

The pie dough was perfect – so flaky and tender and it was a dream to work with. But I don’t think I’d make it again.  I much prefer Dorie’s sweet tart dough recipe or her equally brilliant good-for-anything pie dough.  The only silly mistake I made was to cut into the pie while it was still quite hot – there was SO much liquid! Delicious liquid none the less, but it was a bit like eating pie soup! Oh well, lesson learned! Try to exercise more patience next time (something I don’t particularly excel at) 😉

Oh. My! Blueberry Pie!

This pie was so good.  I served it with vanilla ice cream which was perfect.  It would also be very good with custard 😉 If you would like to try this recipe, you’ll find it on Hilary and Liz’s blogs.

Next week – Berry Galette (Making the most of those summer berries before the season ends..sob)


33 thoughts on “TWD – Baking With Julia – Blueberry Nectarine Pie

  1. Blueberry Nectarine pie… ohhh goodness! Looks amazing. Is it weird that I only like butter pie crust? Shortening is always sort of a let-down for me. I have a countertop full of peaches (I live in peach country and they are in full swing right now!!) and am contemplating a pie… not that I need it, but you made me want it. WANT 🙂

    Also– did I miss that oatmeal cookie recipe? I never saw it but the cookies on fb looked to-die-for!!


    1. Hi Heather, thank you! I think I also prefer an all butter crust. I mean the dough was so easy to work with and it rolled out beautifully, but I do think you sacrifice some flavour with a higher ratio of shortening. My favourite crust recipe is Dorie Greenpan’s sweet tart dough 🙂 I’ve haven’t blogged those cookies yet, but I’ll happily send you the recipe!


    1. Thank you, I couldn’t resist the little star! 🙂 I’d love to learn how to take really professional slick pictures like you see on Tastespotting and Foodgawker but I’d need to save up for a real fancy camera first! But thank you for the compliment 🙂


    1. Thank you Mel! Dorie’s good for anything pie dough has shortening but definitely not as much! For flavour my top favourite is Dorie’s sweet tart dough, although I’ve never made a double crusted pie using that recipe. I might have to experiment!


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