TWD: Baking With Julia: Peach & Raspberry Galette


This week’s Tuesday with Dorie/Baking with Julia recipe was berry Galette.  I was so looking forward to making this. I’ve made a Galette a couple of times and they always seem to go down pretty well!
A Galette is a french freeform tart. They are meant to look rustic and homely and I always love that.  Home baking should never look like it was made in a factory.  It was very quick to put together, so much quicker than a proper pie.  The crust took just a couple of minutes to make in my food processor.  I was in a hurry when I made this so I completely ignored the instructions of letting the dough rest in the fridge for 2 hours.  Err..I rested mine for about 10 minutes.  But luckily, the dough seemed to be a dream to work with anyway.  I just made sure I dusted the worktop with lots of flour and thankfully it didn’t stick.

So good with vanilla ice cream!  I just had a teeny slice but there’s enough left for breakfast 😉

My original plan was to make strawberry Galette, but I live with some people who have issues with cooked strawberries (unless you are talking about jam.)  So a quick rummage in the fridge produced a punnet of gorgeous local raspberries I bought the other day and had forgotten about (I’m very good at doing this.)  I decided to team them up with some peaches I had in the fruit bowl. This is a really great recipe to make if you have lots of different types of fruits sitting around just waiting to be transformed into something yummy for pudding 😉

I was expecting to have issues with the crust, but I was quite surprised. It was crisp and buttery and melted in your mouth. One of the ingredients was cornmeal which I don’t use very much in my cooking, although I had a bag in my cupboard from a long time ago when I made Nigella Lawson’s spoonbread recipe.  I won’t tell you the best before date on the packet but I will say that I have now chucked it and will remember to buy a new one!

Want the recipe for this gorgeous Galette? Of course you do! You’ll find it at Lisa’s  Tomato Thymes in the Kitchen
and Andrea’s The Kitchen Lioness. Lisa and Andrea were the hosts for this recipe.  Don’t forget to visit the blogroll to see all the other yummy Galettes!


28 thoughts on “TWD: Baking With Julia: Peach & Raspberry Galette

    1. Thanks Marlise 🙂 For some reason I thought the Galette was next week. So I had a look on the website and realised I was wrong! That’s why this was made in such a hurry. But it was still good 🙂


  1. What a beautiful looking Peach Raspberry Galette – the crust has a lovely golden color, it looks just delicious! And a slice of Galette for breakfast sounds tempting to me!

    Thank you also for your nice comment!


  2. After making the blueberry nectarine Pie I just could not “skip” the nectarine with the berries: I just love this fillling!
    Your galette looks extremly yummy! and with the addition of ice cream it looks heavenly!


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