Paul Hollywood’s Chelsea Buns

Chelsea Buns just out of the oven and brushed with apricot glaze…drooooool

How’s your week going? This baltic weather puts me in the mood to bake more than ever, so that’s exactly what I did! Looking at all the pictures of the heavy snowfall and talk of school closures and snow days in England has actually made me quite jealous.  Am I crazy? Quite possibly! All we’ve had is a very light covering so far.  Bring on the snow I say, I love it!  I’m no doubt going to regret I said this when it’s snowing a blizzard at 3pm on the walk home from school.

We may not have had very much snow (so far) but it’s still been absolutely freezing, so on my day off I decided to try my hand at Chelsea buns.  I’ve been meaning to make these for so long now. I’ve adored Chelsea buns since I was a little girl, when my Saturday morning usually involved buying one (truth be told we usually ended up buying almost everything!) from the Baker’s van that went around the town. It was always such a treat.

These Chelsea buns are from master baker Paul Hollywood (hence the cheeky blog post title ;-)) who certainly knows a thing or two about baking, especially when it comes to baking with yeast.  The recipe is available online and I also watched a tutorial on Youtube, I must warn you however the recipe you see Paul demonstrating on this GBBO clip differs from the BBC website! On the clip Paul adds 40g caster sugar along with the flour, yeast and salt.  On the BBC website it doesn’t mention adding any sugar. I couldn’t imagine making a sweet dough and not adding any sugar, so I went with exactly what Paul did on the clip.

The buns on their second rise and all ready for the oven!
The buns on their second rise and all ready for the oven!

On the programme, Paul uses an array of dried fruits in his buns (ooh err!) – dried apricots, cranberries & raisins and he drizzles them with a zesty orange icing – as delicious as it sounds I wanted to keep these traditional for my first go, so I just went with raisins and a plain white icing.

What else can I say? These were PERFECT. I couldn’t have been happier with them if I tried.  I had to give some away otherwise it would have been roll out the barrel! I think I ate…*blush* FIVE in a mere twenty four hours.  Yes, I’m afraid so.

They are irresistible…soft, sticky and sweet! Mr Hollywood you are a baking God! (second only to my own master baker, my lovely hubby..) 😉

020 021

Nothing else to do but tuck in! Resistance is futile!
Nothing else to do but tuck in! Resistance is futile!

17 thoughts on “Paul Hollywood’s Chelsea Buns

  1. There’s many a joke about Paul’s buns for sure. I’ve been wanting to make these for a while and yours look incredibly delicious. No soggy bottoms there. I could certainly eat 5, but would need to follow that with a run in the Baltic weather. Maybe just as well I’ve not made them yet…. 🙂 Tracey


  2. I made these too, originally without the sugar, as the recipe said, and the texture was a bit off. Then someone clued me in and I tried again and they were lush. I also made a chocolate and caramel variation that I invented…. I ate 5 in the space of a few hours. Dee-lish!


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