A taste of sunshine – Mango, Coconut & Passion Fruit Ice Cream Lollies

mango ice cream lollies

Hello! Hope you’ve all been having a great Summer.  As I type this, I am sitting here in the loosest, coolest clothes I own.  It is 24C and I am roasting.  My readers from overseas, I can hear you chuckling at me as I write! I’m sorry for being a wimp but I don’t handle the heat very well.  I wish I could be of those people who lie in the sun all day, but I can’t.  I burn so easily I would turn into a lobster.   I think I’m a Nordic person at heart.  Pale skin and more comfortable in cooler weather conditions.

Don’t you just love the Summer holidays with the kids?  Some days are wonderful, others aren’t so good. Trying to keep the little ones entertained every day on a tight budget is no mean feat.   Today has been a trying day.  It’s taken me several attempts to start this post after having to abandon it to kiss sore shoulders better after falling off a skateboard/mopping melted ice lolly puddles off the floor/fix wonky bike helmets/run after a defiant ten year old having a temper tantrum.  I could go on but you get the picture.  Having said all that though, I really do love the Summer break.  I love the no routine, no rush, what will we do today?  On Monday we went to see Despicable me 2.  It was the first time we had been to the cinema since Christmas.  We really loved it!  I do have a soft spot for the minions and the little girl Agnes who loves her unicorn!

So onto this ice cream.  This recipe is loosely based on my friend Caroline’s blog, The Patterned Plate.  Whatever this lady posts, I want to make.  She makes everything look and sound amazing.  Basically if Caroline says a recipe is good, it’s because it really is. 

I hope Caroline forgives me for messing around something terrible with this recipe and not sticking to the correct method.  I made this ice cream on a complete whim last week.  I had a mango and a few very wrinkled passionfruit sitting in my fruit bowl looking quite sorry for themselves and I toyed with the idea of making mango bread, which I’ve made before and is quite delicious but no – it was so hot I couldn’t bear the thought of turning on the oven.  Then I suddenly remembered the mango and coconut ice cream recipe I had bookmarked quite some time ago.  So I dragged my trusty old Kenwood processor out and set to work.  Not that this recipe is really work mind you, it’s ready for freezing in minutes.  No custard making or endless stirring, perfect when you are in lazy bones mood as I was 😉  This makes a small amount but it was perfect for filling my lolly mould.

Mango, Coconut & Passionfruit Ice Cream Lollies (makes four)

1 large very ripe mango
200ml Coconut milk (I used the powdered variety which worked fine)
75g Caster Sugar
The juice of two or three passion fruits (I pressed the pulp through a sieve to get as much juice out as I could – my fruit wasn’t particularly juicy so I used up all three. I didn’t add the seeds – I kept them for my breakfast the next morning to go with granola and greek yogurt)

Blitz your mango along with the caster sugar to a smooth puree in a food processor. Add most of the coconut milk, keeping about one third back. Add the juice of two passion fruits and all of the double cream. Add more coconut milk/passionfruit juice/caster sugar if you think it needs it. Once you’re happy with the taste (and remember that freezing will reduce the sweetness) give the mixture a final good blitz and pour into your ice lolly moulds. Freeze.

*Now I wasn’t convinced my method would work since the original recipe requires you to churn the ice cream. I’m not sure why, but the ice lollies turned out so creamy and soft with no ice crystals at all. I was very happy!*


I let the moulds sit out of the freezer for a few minutes, then I ran them carefully under a warm tap. They slid out easily without breaking 🙂


You can find Caroline’s recipe right here and very soon I am going to make  the full recipe because I am desperate to try her variation ideas. I think I’ll go with her suggestion of making a sweet chilli syrup to pour over the ice cream. I love the sound of that!


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