October Holidays

I had intended to post a spiced apple cake recipe today, but it’s been one thing after another today and I ran out of time. One of those days when time just runs away from you. So since we are now at the end of the October holidays in Scotland (at least for most of us who live in the highlands) I thought I would share a few pictures of what we got up to during the last couple of weeks and some other bakes I’ve made lately 🙂


Rock climbing wall at Landmark


Messing around in the Illusion room at Landmark


The boys made chocolate swiss roll & gingerbread biscuits from Mary Berry’s baking bible


I made Holly Bell’s toffee apple meringue tart for a friend’s party – it was divine! Recipe is here – you need it. Trust me on this one. It’s a keeper.


I finally found the elusive Lotus spread – and it is as good as everyone says. Dangerously addictive.


We went for a few walks on the gorgeous Nairn beach.


I made another couronne – this time I went with the apricot version. It was lovely! 


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