Wedding Cake & some swirly raspberry ripple cupcakes

Hello! Last week was very busy. My sister-in-law got married and I got to make her cake! I was thrilled to be bestowed with such an important job.


I forgot to take a pic of the cake before it was cut! I nearly died for a split second before I realised they had cut it for the pictures! Silly me!

The bottom tier was a rich boozy fruit cake – the fruit was soaked in brandy overnight to plump it up. This was a huge fruit cake so I needed a vast amount of fruit – almost 3kg!! The recipe came from Juliet Sear’s new book The cake decorating bible. I had a slice of the cake at the wedding and it lived up to its name – it was indeed very rich, boozy and fruity! I had a lot of people asking me for the recipe, always a good sign!

The middle tier was my go to vanilla cake recipe from the BBC Good Food website. I’ve used this recipe several times in the past few months – it holds up very well to sugarpasting/carving and is very moist. The top tier was a special treat especially for the bride and groom – raspberry ripple cake. It’s a fluffy vanilla sponge sandwiched together with Italian meringue buttercream swirled with raspberry jam. I’ve blogged about this recipe before, it’s a very special cake that everyone seems to love! It’s a bit of a labour of love making it but it’s so worth it! I just made the cake exactly the same way I usually do – using three 20cm round cake tins – then just cut the square I needed for the top tier. So there a few offcuts going spare, much to the delight of my boys 😉

I had quite a bit of the Italian meringue buttercream leftover so I took the opportunity to make some raspberry ripple cupcakes 🙂


I just used my normal vanilla cupcake recipe here. The middle has a hidden raspberry jam centre, yum!

I haven’t had such a fabulous weekend in a very long time – the wedding was a real family affair and it all went so smoothly. I wish the new Mr & Mrs Murphy a lifetime of love and happiness ❤


12 thoughts on “Wedding Cake & some swirly raspberry ripple cupcakes

  1. It is…as always a true work of art sis. I’m always bowled over by your creations and rave about them to whoever will listen! I’m sure the bride and groom were over the moon with the finished result and the time and effort you put in xxx


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