One hour cinnamon rolls with vanilla cream cheese glaze


Do you ever find yourself craving soft, fluffy, sweet cinnamon rolls like now? So much that you really don’t want to wait nearly a whole morning or afternoon until they are ready?

Well here is the solution. One hour cinnamon rolls from the fabulous blog Averie Cooks. One hour from start to finish. Think it can’t be done? Just try this recipe! It’s a revelation my friends!

My lovely friend Anna of Anna’s Kitchen Table made them last night and they looked so gorgeous I couldn’t wait to give them a go.

What can I say? I never thought it possible but these rolls are soft and fluffy with minimal effort. It kind of feels like you are cheating a little! The cream cheese glaze makes them delightfully sticky. I added some vanilla extract to the glaze. Using maple syrup in place of the vanilla would be lovely too!

I used two 7g sachets of quick action yeast.

Averie suggests only using real buttermilk for this recipe. I had none so I mixed together 120ml each of plain yoghurt and milk which made one American cup measurement of buttermilk. It worked out just fine.

Get the recipe here over at Averie’s site!

I ended up re-taking the pictures this morning and I iced the buns again using a mixture of icing sugar and a drizzle of maple syrup. I actually preferred this to the cream cheese icing.



18 thoughts on “One hour cinnamon rolls with vanilla cream cheese glaze

  1. What a recipe find! Thanks for sharing and your cinnamon rolls look just perfect. Especially with the icing sugar/maple syrup drizzled on top. I’m trying this next week once I get some buttermilk at the store.


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