Meal Planning Monday 17th-23 March


Apologies for starting this meal planner
then losing track after only one week, we have had so much stuff going on all productivity and planning went out the window!

But this week I’m determined to get back on track. This week is all about using up food I have in the freezer and storecupboard, we are on a very limited budget just now and I need to stay away from the lure of the supermarket!

So without further ado –

Monday – Sausages, mash & cauliflower cheese

Tuesday – Fish & chips

Wednesday – Chipotle pulled pork buns

Thursday – Chicken enchiladas

Friday – Macaroni cheese

Saturday – Pork chops in cider and mustard sauce

Sunday – Roast chicken with Stuffing, parsnips, carrots mash and gravy

I’m looking forward to this week!

If you’re looking for dinner inspiration have a nosey over at At Home With Mrs M 🙂


7 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 17th-23 March

    1. Lol, I know! 😉 This is meat we have in the freezer so I’m using it all up. When I can I buy mince/chicken/joints when they are reduced or on a offer and freeze them. Very handy!


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