White chocolate mini egg rocky road


Hope you’re all having a great Easter weekend! I had planned to share a giant hot cross bun with you today, but I had a baking disaster. It was burnt on top and raw in the middle. I was gutted! Oh well, these things happen in the kitchen from time to time I guess. It’s just frustrating at the time!

So as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, my boys are mad for rocky road and I’ve wanted to try a white chocolate version for a while now. I seem to stockpile packets of mini eggs like a crazy woman as soon as they go on offer in the shops – I have a bit of a weakness for them. I think it’s because they remind me of childhood – while I’m on the subject, is it me or does there seem to be a lot less eggs in those bags these days??

Wishing you all a very happy Easter 🙂 xxx

White chocolate Rocky road bites

350g white chocolate
50g butter
200g shortbread biscuits, bashed into small chunks
50g marshmallows
100g bag of Cadbury’s mini eggs (keep a few aside for decoration)

In a medium pan, slowly melt 200g of the chocolate and butter. Once the mixture has melted and is smooth, leave to cool very slightly for a couple of minutes before stirring in the shortbread chunks, marshmallows and mini eggs. Pour into a lined 20cm tin and smooth down as best as you can. Melt the remaining 150g of the chocolate and pour over the top. Scatter with mini eggs (pressing down so they will stick) and chill for an hour or two before cutting.

The rocky road to temptation...

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