Frozen banana and peanut butter smoothie


A couple of years ago I read about a tip that changed my life. And also saved me a few pennies. You see, I have a thing about overripe bananas. I can’t stand them. I don’t mind a few brown speckles, but anything beyond that makes me slightly queasy. We eat a fair amount of bananas in our house, but I ended up buying more than we could eat in a few days and before I knew it, I would be faced with more black bananas than I could possibly bake with or stomach sitting on my kitchen counter. Which led to them being guiltily thrown in the bin. Unloved and unused.

That scenario happened on an almost weekly basis in my kitchen until I read about freezing bananas. When they are turning too speckled for your liking, slip off the skins, slice them up into fairly small chunks and freeze for later use.

This was a revelation to me. Who knew?
Now I’m glad to say that my days of throwing bananas in the bin are long behind me!

This is a great recipe for using up your overripe bananas. It makes a great energy giving breakfast or after-school refreshment on a hot day. If you are doing the latter, my simple oat biscuits or these apple and oatmeal cookies would be a lovely accompaniment!


Frozen banana and peanut butter smoothie
Enough for two people
500ml milk
Two chopped up bananas, frozen (of course it’s fine to use unfrozen but in that case I would add a handful of ice cubes)
3 tbsp smooth or crunchy peanut butter *start with two tablespoons then taste the smoothie. You choose whether or not to add the extra tablespoon. You may find it perfect as it is. I love peanut butter so I say the more the merrier!*
Handful of linseeds (optional)

In a blender or smoothie maker, whizz up all the ingredients until smooth. Pour into glasses and enjoy!

*If I’m not on a health kick I sometimes add a scoop of ice cream to this smoothie for a treat – in fact it has just
dawned on me that a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter cup ice cream would take this smoothie to another level! I’m so trying it this weekend!*


8 thoughts on “Frozen banana and peanut butter smoothie

    1. It’s very handy Joost – sometimes I add a scoop of ice cream for a treat. The kids love it! Obviously the thawed frozen bananas aren’t suitable for making something like a banoffee pie, where they have to be sliced and not mushy, but they are fine for banana bread 🙂


    1. They are fab for recipes that require mashed banana Julie, obviously not so good when you need firm sliced bananas for something like a banoffee pie though! I find them really useful for making smoothies for the kids, it fills them up which is always a big bonus!


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