Happy 4th July!


Whenever I’m not having the best of days, I usually try and make it better by doing some baking. I know many people who say you should never bake when you are stressed because all your negative feelings will somehow permeate their way into whatever your making, resulting in failure. I don’t necessarily agree with that. I find baking in stressful times really relaxing, but only if you give yourself enough time and don’t rush – I find things tend to go wrong when I’m trying to rush myself and have fifty other things going on in my head.

Since it’s American Independence Day, I couldn’t resist making something to suit the theme – and here we are – I give you my vanilla and orange flavoured sponge with lemony cream and berries. Admittedly, this cake recipe is actually very British but with those red and blue berries peaking out under the white cream I think it looks quite fitting πŸ™‚

I used this recipe for the sponges and added 1 tsp orange extract. You could easily swap the extract for the zest of one grated orange if you like.

I sandwiched the cakes together with strawberry jam and a lemony double cream (made by whipping 180ml double cream them folding in 70g Yeo Valley lemon curd yoghurt)

I wish all my American friends a very happy and peaceful 4th July! xxx



14 thoughts on “Happy 4th July!

  1. Another big fattie for me to have sponge envy over! Looks great Nic, I have a spare cake to take to my dad’s today and think I will use the yogurt double cream trick you’re doing lately to fill with blueberries and some vanilla πŸ™‚


  2. I agree with you – have you noticed that ‘stressed’ is ‘desserts’ backwards? πŸ˜‰ I always bake when I’m stressed. I specially like to bake during football matches. I start watching the game but then I get too anxious so I go to the kitchen (which is opened to the living room) and bake πŸ™‚ You can’t imagine how frustrating it was for me not being able to do so (due to my broken foot) during the World Cup!


  3. I definitely stress bake, all the time! It’s so calming and relaxing, so I don’t believe those people who say our bad feelings will permeate our baked goods. Plus it’s fun eating whatever I’ve made afterwards. This cake looks beautiful! The sponge is perfectly light and fluffy and you can’t beat cream and fruit.


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