Cake Decor product review part one



I was recently contacted by a Company called Cake Decor asking me if I would like to try their baking products. I love testing out new baking goodies so naturally I jumped at the chance!

They were generous enough to send me a bumper box of goodies – I was delighted! This is why this review will be broken down into a couple of posts – it’s been an extremely hectic few weeks here with the Summer holidays (why do I always fall into the trap of thinking I will have loads of time to do everything I want during the school break??) so look out for the next post which will go live on Thursday.

My boys were as excited as I was when the huge box of goodies arrived – they tore into it with much enthusiasm!  The first products they wanted to try was the two colour stripes cupcake frosting in strawberry and vanilla and perfect swirls cupcake frosting in Madagascan vanilla.


I thought this frosting would be the perfect pairing with my strawberries and cream cupcake recipe. The frosting was extremely easy to use – it has a nozzle attached for easy piping. The frosting tasted delicious and it definitely pushed my cupcakes into another level! The Madagascan vanilla was also very popular with my boys – they loved the comforting nursery vanilla sweetness 🙂

You will find the Cake Decor perfect swirls and two colour stripes in Lakeland very soon or you can order them along with much more baking goodies via their online shop – they have lots of baking goodies!



You can read more about Cake Decor on their website, Twitter and Facebook page. Tune in on Thursday for the second part of this review 🙂


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