Neapolitan Biscuits


Here we are at the beginning of another week…and for all us here in the Highlands it means back to school 😦 I have mixed emotions about this….a part of me is really sad the Summer holidays are over, but another part of me is secretly breathing a big sigh of relief…I know I won’t be the only parent feeling this way!

I didn’t spend any time in the kitchen this weekend. My cousins were visiting from England and we spent a lovely day wondering around the Highland Games. The odd rain shower didn’t do anything to dampen our spirits and a great time was had by all 🙂


Since last week’s Great British Bake off was all about the biscuit, I felt inspired to have a go at making some biscuits. I had been admiring some gorgeous looking Neapolitan biscuits by Sams Kitchen for a while now – vanilla and chocolate biscuits sandwiched together with strawberry buttercream.

I followed Sam’s recipe pretty much to the letter – although I did add 1/4 tsp of Lakeland strawberry natural flavoring to the strawberry buttercream. I could have quite happily sat in a corner and devoured the buttercream with a spoon – it was delicious!

This recipe captures the flavours of the classic Neapolitan ice cream perfectly – being a child of the 80’s it’s a food memory I hold very close to my heart!

You’ll find the recipe right here on Sam’s lovely blog.

I’m sharing these Neapolitan biscuits over at Mummy Mishaps for The Great bloggers bake off 2014.



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