Mini brownie mince pies and mini pecan brownie pies


I can’t believe it’s only four days until the big day! The Christmas season has really snuck up on me this year – I suppose it’s because I’m working full time now. I’ve had hardly any time for shopping over the past couple of months and for the first time since we had the boys, my husband had to do the main Christmas present shop! I found this a little strange because I’m so used to doing it myself. At least I had an excuse to stay away from the manic crowds and endless queues though, right?

I’ve had so many recipe ideas in my head but by the time I get home from work at 5.30pm, I’m shattered and all I want to do is have dinner, lie in a hot bath and go to bed. Pretty boring I know!

I found two jars of last year’s mincemeat in the back of the food cupboard which was great – it saved me a job! Okay, I know you can buy pretty acceptable mincemeat but I don’t think you can beat homemade. At least if you make it yourself you control what goes into it (cherry brandy and dried cherries – mmmmmm! Mixed peel – yuck!)

I have a habit of saving food magazines. I can’t bear to throw them out! Especially the Christmas editions. I was flicking through an old Sainsburys Christmas magazine and came across this recipe for brownie mince pies. I thought they looked so festive and cute with the little frosted cranberry sitting on top of each pie.

I also made a mini pecan brownie pie version which were pretty good and proved difficult to stop at one – but then they are small 😉



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