Von Chef Soup maker review


VonChef recently sent me a soup maker to review. I do enjoy making soup so I was quite keen to give it a whirl.

The Von chef multi functional soup maker is designed to create either smooth or chunky soup. It also features a reheat button and the built in blender blades allow the soup maker to be used as a blender to create smoothies, purees and dressings.

The soup maker is much easier to use than I anticipated – you chop all your veg into 2-3cm dice, add water and stock (I use those handy stock pots) and press the button for whichever option you want – chunky or smooth soup.


There are a few recipe ideas in the instruction booklet to get you started but you could easily adapt your own favourite soup recipes for the soup maker – as long as you chop all the vegetables into 2-3 cm dice and don’t go over the maximum water level, anything goes.

I tried the carrot and ginger recipe and it was lovely – really warming for a cold day


To be honest, I wasn’t too convinced the soup maker would have a place in my kitchen but it’s proved itself to be a pretty useful gadget.

Pros: The convenience – as much as I love making soup the conventional way, this machine makes it so much easier – it chops, boils, simmers and blends the soup for you in 25 minutes – with only one tool to wash up at the end!

Cons: The soup maker makes a sudden loud noise when it switches to blender mode – it can make you jump!

The Von Chef Soup maker is available to buy right here


One thought on “Von Chef Soup maker review

  1. I can see this would be really useful but something I’d probably never actually buy as it would seem like something I could easily live without. I love making soup though and love the fact that it does a lot of the chopping and blending for you. Definitely saves on washing up.


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