The perfect cheese toastie with Lactofree


The lovely folks at Lactofree recently sent me this gorgeous hamper to help me recreate the perfect cheese toastie.

Cheese toasties happen often in this house. I’m going to put my hands up and admit that I often come home from work with the kids in tow, tired and hungry, look in the fridge for dinner inspiration and end up muttering the words “how about cheese toasties?”


So needless to say we all had great fun creating our own cheese toasties. The only problem I had was with the toastie maker – unfortunately the catch broke! I ended up using my trusty old toastie maker Mr George Foreman which was given to us when we got married back in 2001. He’s doing pretty good for his age.

My boys stuck with their favourite cheese and ham and hubby and I tried chorizo slices and cheese which were really delicious. I added some hot yellow pepper jelly to mine which added a nice little kick. Cheese toastie heaven!

I’ve seen the Lactofree cheese in the supermarket and I have to admit I’ve never even considered buying it, but now that I’ve tried some it will definitely be going on my shopping list. It’s a lovely, full flavoured cheese and I certainly couldn’t tell that it was lacto free. If you suffer from bloating and stomach cramps after eating dairy, it’s definitely worth checking out the Lactofree range.


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