Le Creuset cast iron grillit – review


I felt I hit the jackpot the other week when Houseology very kindly sent me a Le Creuset cast iron grillit to review!

I’ve never cooked with cast iron before and I was excited to try it out. I had read a few things about seasoning the pan before you use it, but the instruction booklet told me there was no need so I decided not to worry about it.


I was making beef olives for dinner the weekend the grillit arrived, so I had the perfect recipe for trying it out.

I was a little worried how it would fare on my little electric hob, but it was absolutely fine. I had no issues with the food sticking at all. It worked perfectly!


I’ve used the grillit about three-four times since and I really like it. It’s fantastic quality and I love the way it heats up so evenly and maintains the heat. So far it’s inpressed me. The real test will be cooking a steak on on it!

Do you own any cast iron cookware?

Do you have any tips for cooking with cast iron?

The Le Creuset cast iron grillit is available to buy right here

Houseology have a brilliant masterclass section on their website which is filled with tips, buying guides and tools for interior design! It’s perfect if you’re looking for inspiration for redecorating or even just freshening up a room. There is also a great kitchen section with tips and recipes


4 thoughts on “Le Creuset cast iron grillit – review

  1. Lucky you! I have a rectangular Le Creuset grill pan which is about 15 years old and I absolutely love it – it’s an essential item in my kitchen. I’ve only ever lived in places where the kitchen has had a glass ceramic cooktop, and my grill pan works perfectly on this surface. I think the trick to making sure food doesn’t stick to the pan is to make sure the pan heats to the right temperature; if you add food too soon, it will most likely stick. Enjoy your new pan 🙂


    1. Lovely to hear from you! Yes I think the key is making sure the heat is the proper temperature. I haven’t had any problems with it so far, I love it ☺


  2. Would love some ideas for this pan, sorry to say mine is languishing in the drawer and I don’t think I have used it more than twice. So anything you care to share would be fab! Georgina

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    1. Well so far I’ve found it great for grilling veg like courgettes and peppers, cooking meat such as chicken and pork but I still haven’t cooked a steak on it! I’ll definitely try that soon.


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