Viennese Whirls & House of Fraser Whisk, Bake, Serve, Repeat bakeware review

 Hands up if you’ve been watching The great British bake off? I’ve been loving the return of the hugely popular baking show. Last week’s theme was biscuits – the contestants made viennese whirls, iced biscuits and the final challenge was to make a showstopping 3d gingerbread structure. 

Everyone who knows me will be well aware that there’s nothing I enjoy more than pottering around in the kitchen cooking and baking, but the pelvic girdle pain I currently have is making that very hard to do. I can’t stand on my feet for longer for 20 minutes, I get awful stabbing pains in my pelvis area and I feel like I have the hips of a 90 year old woman! So I went for the easiest option – viennese whirls. 

I decided to make them on Sunday evening after dinner. I made the dough in my trusty Kitchenaid but by the time it came to piping out the biscuits, I had well and truly ran out of steam and had to employ the skills of my ex-baker hubby while I sat down to put my feet up. He hasn’t worked as a baker for years and doesn’t have the time to bake at home, but he certainly hasn’t lost his piping skills! The biscuits turned out beautifully. Very light and crumbly – just how a viennese whirl should be. I used this recipe from Mary Berry. I sandwiched the whirls with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream, then dipped the tops in white chocolate and strawberry sprinkles. The Viennese fingers were sandwiched together with buttercream and dipped in dark chocolate. They look very fancy but were actually pretty easy to make. But I wouldn’t make a habit of making them – purely because I would simply scoff them all! 

House of Fraser recently sent me a selection of their “whisk, bake, serve, repeat” bakeware, which looks really pretty and would be fantastic to use with little ones to get them involved in baking – now my boys are older, it’s getting much more difficult to get them in the kitchen with me -when they aren’t at school, they are either at football practise or out with their mates. But then that’s the way it should be, they are both practically teenagers now. Hopefully when the little one in my tummy is big enough, he’ll be keen to spend some time in the kitchen with Mum! 

I was sent a selection of bakeware from House of Fraser – they have some good deals on the range at the moment so it’s definitely worth checking out.

I was impressed by the quality and design of the bakeware, so I’ll be featuring it in future posts! 



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