Celebrating National Bagel Day with New York Bakery Co

Happy National Bagel Day!

I loves me a bagel. Plain, sesame, cinnamon and raisin, doesn’t matter what flavour, I’ll happily scoff them all.

I became addicted to the New York Bakery Co red onion and chive bagels last year while I was pregnant. I was especially fond of them with turkey, lettuce, mayo and cranberry sauce. Yum.

New York Bakery Co very kindly sent me a selection of bagels so I could come up with some new bagel toppings. 

I called this one sausage mozzarella melt – pork sausages, fresh sliced tomato, basil and lots of melted mozzarella on the oh so good cheese bagel. On a side note, I think the cheese bagels would be really good with bacon and sweet chilli sauce – I’ll be trying that soon.

Next was a little spin on the NY classic pastrami sandwich – American mustard, layers of pastrami and gherkins on a red onion and chive bagel. 

I wanted to come up with a sweet bagel so here’s a super easy and quick idea – lemon blueberry cheesecake bagel. Stir a little icing sugar and lemon zest into cream cheese. Spread on a cinnamon and raisin bagel and top with fresh blueberry sauce.

Here are some more bagel toppings we are currently addicted to:

Ham and cheese, melted under the grill (my eldest son loves this)

Banana and peanut butter

Cream cheese cucumber and chives

Cream cheese and strawberry jam (on a cinnamon and raisin)

What’s your favourite bagel filling?
New York Bakery Co supplied me with the bagels. All ideas and opinions are my own. 



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