Meal Planning Monday 6th March

Last week’s meal planning didn’t totally go to plan…we had a few sleepless nights with the wee one and he was extremely clingy to Mummy…so it didn’t leave me with much time for cooking. We ended up pleasing ourselves most nights…which meant chicken burgers and salad for the boys and beans or scrambled egg on toast for us! Last night’s dinner didn’t go to plan at all (see below) but hopefully we’ll get back on track this week! 

Monday – Takeaway. Oops! It was supposed to be roast chicken but we had a bit of a disaster. I went to carve the chicken after it had rested for around 30 minutes while I got everything else prepared and blood spurted out of it. Ewwwww. So annoying! 

Tuesday – Heck sausages, fried tatties and cauliflower cheese (leftovers from last night!)

Wednesday – Chicken parmigiana from the new Hairy Bikers book Chicken and egg 

Thursday – Cheesy sweet potato skins (since we didn’t have them last week!)

Friday – Creamy ham and sweetcorn pasta

 As always I’m linking this post with the Meal Planning Monday bloghop, hosted at Hijacked by Twins and Little Paper Swans


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