Meal planning Monday 20/03 

Hope you all had a great week! Mine had it’s ups and downs. Hamish is still teething and I didn’t get much sleep again, although one blissful night I did manage to get an unbroken 4 hours! It’s amazing how refreshed you can actually feel on so little shut eye when you’re sleep deprived. I keep telling myself this phase won’t last and Hamish certainly seems to be growing and changing with every passing day. Hopefully he’ll start sleeping a little longer through the night again soon….*yawn* 

By the way…the highlight of last week’s menu was the cornmeal fried pork chops from Smitten Kitchen. They were amazing and will definitely be repeated often. Yum.

So before I fall asleep with my phone in my hand again (I’ve been known to do this a few times lately) here is this week’s meal plan. I’m just too tired for anything too fussy so it’s pretty simple. I’ll be back in a couple of days with an Easter rocky road recipe and a couple of review posts. See you soon! 

Monday – Chicken fried rice made by hubby 

Tuesday – Turkey burgers with sweet potato fries

Wednesday – Mackerel fillets with salad for me and chicken kiev for the boys

Thursday – Salmon fish fingers 

Friday – Steak night

 I’m linking this post with the Meal Planning Monday bloghop, hosted at Hijacked by Twins and Little Paper Swans


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