The sparkle challenge with Highland Spring 

Do you drink enough water? Apparently 66% of Brits don’t feel they drink enough water on a daily basis. Highland Spring are on a mission to change that and get the nation drinking more water.

I have to say I do drink a lot of water. Not just because of the obvious health benefits – I just find it so refreshing. I find I have to keep hydrated because if I’m busy and forget to drink water, I get awful headaches. I’ve been dehydrated a couple of times and it’s awful. So I make an effort to drink at least one litre of water every day. And since I’m breastfeeding at the moment staying hydrated is more important than ever. 

I’m constantly going on my kids about the importance of drinking enough water – they must get sick of it! I’ve drummed into them that drinking water throughout the day helps them to stay alert and also helps prevent cramp when they are doing sports. And that’s just a couple of the numerous health benefits! Do they listen to me? Probably not! But lately I have seen them drinking more water and they don’t drink much diluting juice anymore, so maybe some of my preaching is finally starting to sink in…

A lot of people struggle to drink a lot of water because on its own it can be a bit boring. I like to make my own fruity ice cubes to jazz things up a little. 

It couldn’t be easier – all you do is pop your chosen fruit (or you could use herbs – I use mint) into an ice cube tray and fill with water before freezing. 

From top: Mint leaves, orange pieces, lemon and raspberries

As the ice cubes melt they infuse the water with flavour. My favourite combination is mint and raspberry but anything goes – strawberries, blueberries, the list is endless! 

These fruity ice cubes would be great for kids – anything that encourages them to drink more water and boost their fruit intake at the same time is a winner in my book!

How do you make sure you drink enough water? 

Disclaimer: Highland Spring sent me water to help me create this post. All opinions are my own.


4 thoughts on “The sparkle challenge with Highland Spring 

  1. Love the ice cubes idea, so simple. I must admit I used to be awful when it comes to drinking enough water throughout the day and used to get dehydrated quite a lot. My method to remember or rather make myself drink more water now is to fill up reusable water bottle (mine is 600ml) and sip here and there throughout the day. I aim to have at least two of these during the day now (more if I do any exercise). Simple trick but seeing the bottle there, filled up, makes me more willing to drink water. 🙂

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