Nutella stuffed pancakes

Ah, Nutella. That sweet, hazelnut spread that is now so popular it even has a whole day devoted to it (World Nutella Day.)

Do you, or does anyone in your family love Nutella on your pancakes? How about Nutella in your pancakes instead?

If your home is filled with Nutella fans, this recipe is for you.

I’ve seen lots of Nutella stuffed pancakes on Pinterest over the past couple of years. I’m afraid I have no idea where the original idea from, so unfortunately I can’t give any credit. If you know who came up with these, please let me know!

This would be a really fun recipe to make for Pancake Day tomorrow (it’s also known as Shrove Tuesday.)

I used my go-to pancake recipe for this (my favourite pancake recipe which I also used for yesterday’s EPIC sticky toffee pudding pancakes)

You do need to be a little bit ahead of the game to make these – you need to freeze the Nutella. All I did was place several heaped teaspoons of Nutella on a sheet of baking parchment and popped in the freezer. They take roughly 30 minutes to become firm but you always do this well in advance. I kept some extra frozen Nutella discs in my freezer for the next time we make these!

So let me show you how to make Nutella stuffed pancakes!

You have to work pretty quickly here – so make sure you have everything to hand. Get your frozen Nutella out of the freezer and arm yourself with a spatula!

When you pour the pancake batter onto your frying pan/girdle/griddle, quirky place a frozen disc of Nutella on top like below. Please excuse the state of my girdle – it’s like 100 years old.

Then quickly pour a little more pancake batter over the Nutella, trying to make sure the spread is completely covered in batter. Then all you do is proceed how you always would when make pancakes – wait for bubbles to appear on the surface, then flip!

When your pancakes are ready, the Nutella should be warm and molten inside – yum!

If you’re anything like my eldest son, you’ll want sliced bananas and extra Nutella on top – this was his portion which almost defeated him. He was greeted with these very pancakes when he came home from playing football in the freezing cold for 2 solid hours, so to say it was a welcoming sight is an understatement! I’m a pretty nice Mum really!

Happy Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday!

Disclaimer: Nutella are not paying me to write this post. I just love baking with it!


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