My little sous-chef tandem cookbook review

There’s a My little Sous Chef blog tour going on and it’s my turn!

What is My little Sous Chef I hear you ask?

Grab a seat and a cuppa and I’ll tell you all about it….

My little Sous Chef is an exciting new concept in the cookbook world. It’s actually two cookbooks in one – one for adults and one especially for kids to cook along with. They are cleverly designed to work seamlessly together – the “grown up” one contains stunning food photographs and clear instructions you would expect to find in a great quality cookery book, while the kids’ version contains really cute illustrations along with easy to follow step by step instructions. As an added bonus, the children’s book is laminated – therefore easy to wipe clean!

This innovative idea was created by 3 London based Italian women – Caterina Falqul, Francesca Grassi, Laura Pantaleone. While sitting reminiscing one evening about learning to cook with their mothers and grandmothers in Italy, they realised that there were no cookbooks on the market that truly supported this idea. So with the help of crowdfunding, they started working on creating the first tandem cookbook that enables adults and children to cook together while at the same time, supporting vital lessons like numeracy, safety in the kitchen and nutrition.

The book contains 30 delicious recipes including:

Bean Tacos

Vegetarian lasagne

Rosemary Focaccia

Sausage rolls

Apple roses

Rocky road

With so much emphasis on chocolate and sweets for Easter, I thought it would be good to try these lovely fresh mini caprese. All you need is cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil. Drizzled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar or a little oregano, they made a really tasty starter. My middle son put them together for me but being camera shy, he didn’t want to be photographed. But we can still appreciate his efforts can’t we? I think he did a great job 😊

We also made the pizza muffins last night which were SO delicious! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take a photograph of them, but I will be making them again ASAP – they really were so good. I’ll be sure to post a photograph soon so you can see them!

I’m absolutely loving this book. I think the tandem idea is genius and I’m actually surprised no-one has thought of it before now. I’m passionate about getting kids involved in cooking as early as possible – even if it’s just sitting them in their high chair and letting them have a play with ingredients. My youngest son has only just started taking a proper interest in food – he likes helping me knead dough, stir ingredients together and of course, being a taste tester! I know My little Sous Chef will be an invaluable tool in my kitchen.

My little Sous Chef is available to buy in hardback from

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of My Little Sous Chef to review. I was not obliged to give a positive review. All opinions are my own.


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