Creamy sweet chilli pasta with smoked salmon and peas

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I figured it’s been a while since I’ve posted a savoury recipe, so I thought I’d share a really easy and quick pasta dish that is one of my favourites.

I LOVE smoked salmon and I would happily eat it every day, but I would be in danger of bankrupting myself so I tend to treat myself to a packet about once a month. I usually end up eating it straight out of the packet if I’m honest, but if the husband is working late and I want to rustle up a nice dinner for myself instead of eating ritz crackers out of the box, this is what I often make myself. All I need is a glass of chilled rose wine alongside and it’s happy days. Although the wine doesn’t happen very often these days – the joys of breastfeeding a toddler 🙂

I use both Philadelphia sweet chilli and sweet chilli sauce because I am a chilli freak, (not that using both makes this fiery at all, it’s a mild and sweet chilli kick) but by all means just use normal Philly if you prefer.

I’ve adjusted the quantities to serve 4 people, so if you are making it for two (or one ravenous person…ie ME) you can simply halve the recipe.


Creamy sweet chilli pasta with smoked salmon and peas

Serves 4

100g (or more if you like!) frozen peas

500g pasta (I love this with penne or tagliatelle but use whatever you like)

170g tub of Philadelphia cheese (I used the sweet chilli variety but you can also use the original kind)

3 tbsp milk or cream

200g packet smoked salmon, torn into ribbons

1 tablespoon sweet chilli sauce

Salt and pepper

Place the frozen peas in a small pan of water, bring to the boil, simmer for 5 minutes then drain.

Cook the pasta according to the packet instructions and drain, reserving a small cup of the pasta water.

Return the drained pasta to the pan and place over a low heat. Add the Philadelphia cheese, milk and sweet chilli sauce. Stir until everything coats the pasta and becomes a creamy sauce, adding a little bit of the reserved cooking water if it seems thick. Turn off the heat and add the peas and smoked salmon ribbons, stirring for no longer than a minute or two (you don’t want to cook the salmon, just heat it through.)

At this stage you could add some chopped dill, chives or parsley if you like.

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