Happy Christmas

Well it’s just after midnight here and that’s Christmas day over for another year..why does it always go by so quickly?

Whatever you ended up doing on Christmas Day, I hope it was a happy and peaceful time for you. We had a quiet day at home which was really nice. The boys were over the moon with their presents which makes it all worthwhile. Mum and Dad were also very lucky and spoiled, I’m feeling very grateful 😀

We’ve had a great deal of sadness over the past couple of weeks. My wonderful mother in law passed away and we’ve been really struggling. As someone who seems to spend 90% of my time in the kitchen when I’m at home, something has occurred to me. In times of stress I always seem to turn to Nigella’s books for comfort and substance. Up until last week, I wasn’t feeling like cooking very much at all. But once I found some time to curl up on the sofa with my Nigella Christmas book, her warm writing style and delicious photographs lured me into the kitchen. I think it took my mind off things for a short time and gave me something to focus on. X

Christmas Rocky road


Gingerbread muffins


Chocolate fruit cake


Merry Christmas xxx


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